Charitable and Benevolent Program

The Knights of Columbus have completed our annual Charitable and Benevolent (C & B) drive with their annual C&B Raffle. This years raffle has a First Place Prize of $25,000; Second Prize of $10,000; Third Prize of $5000; plus 10 Prizes at $1000.Annual C&B Raffle Cover, 2014


The drawing was December 6th 2014. Raffle books will be available after each Mass or you may email us with a request for the number of tickets you would like. If you would like to request tickets, please contact us.


Tickets were $1.00 each and a complete book is $12.00. With everyone’s help we had a successful drive and we will be able to provide more assistance to others in need. Thank you for your continued support and contributions!

Next C&B will start in Fall 2015.