Requirements to Join

1. Male
2. 18 years or older (at the time of First Degree)
3. Practicing Catholic in communion with the Holy See.

How does one join?

Start by getting in touch so that we can let you know about all our upcoming events.

From there, the process is pretty simple.  We'll make arrangements to meet and talk with you.

To be considered by our admission committee, we will conduct an interview. If someone knows you personally from Mass or School, the first meeting may become the interview.  The interview is mandatory and will take 15-20 minutes at minimum.

During the interview, we will ask you the required basic admission questions, and we will also answer any of your questions about the Order.

After the interview is concluded, our admission committee will discuss your candidacy.  At the next Council meeting they will make a motion to nominate you for candidacy to the First Degree (with or without endorsement).  The matter will be open for discussion and then put to a vote.  If the majority of the council agrees with your candidacy, you will be notified the date for the First Degree Ceremony.

What are Degrees?

In the Knights of Columbus there are four levels of membership called degrees.

After the 1st Degree one is considered a member of the Order, though it is not until the 3rd Degree that one becomes a full member.

One attains a new degree by attending a Degree Ceremony. Each ceremony centers around one of the Order’s core virtues:

Charity, Unity, Fraternity and, Patriotism.

The details of the ceremony are kept secret so as to protect their learning value for future members.

What is the time commitment?

As brother knights, many of us commit fully to the fraternal community, community service, and most importantly to our Holy Mother Church.

We thrive to build our parish communities, be present for our family, be learning leaders in our faith, and to help our neighbors.

We would like to see you at all our events, of course! ...but we also understand our brothers' other commitments to family, and work.

As a guideline, we do ask that you commit to attending at least one event per quarter; that could be a meeting, a service trip, or a dinner.

However we do many things that you can fit into your schedule every month and our Business Meeting is an important time to collaborate and synchronize across our various Programs.

Some members quietly support our activities with funds and take part in only one event per year, but do so in a manner that is substantial, leading or chairing the event. Still others are in a point of their lives that financial support is the best they can offer, until the tide shifts in their life and they have a bit more time.  What we call "charity funding members" are as important as any other member of our Order, and nothing to be ashamed of. Don't worry about the commitment - for now, take your time to explore as the Council and our Order have many great things to offer!

Contact us today!